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World Class School

The student population is heterogeneous and supported by 27 academic teachers, 15 artistic teachers and 5 counselors.  Of these teachers 68% are permanently licensed and assigned to the school; 41% have been teaching for more than five years, and 66% fifteen have a Master�s Degree or Higher.  In general, the goal of the school is to provide students with a unique learning experience through the arts.  This can help students develop the skills necessary for college as well as the discipline required for success in our diverse society



Language Art

Social Studies
Mr. Castillo Mr. Rodriguez Ms. Christian Mr. George
Mr. Fobbs Ms. Donaldson Ms. Pena Mr. Medina
Mr. Lewis Mr. Klein Mr. Ms. Karim
Mr. Thomas Mr. Newman   Mr. Petterson
Physical Education Music
Mr. Charlton Ms. Robinson
Mr. Stone Mr. Bausch
Ms. McFarlene  
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Supporting Organizations

United Federation of Teachers
State Education Department
Council of School Supervisors and administrators
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