From the Assistant Principal, Ms. G. Burnett


I came to EBC three years ago after teaching junior high school for ten years. My first year as a Global Studies teacher was a rewarding experience. It required teaching on a higher level in order to assist students in passing state regents. For me, this was a challenge. Student success was directly related to my ability to embrace new methods of teaching.

To my surprise, my second year at EBC proved to be even more rewarding than my first year . I was elected UFT Chapter Leader by my colleagues and Dean of Students. On several occasions I became somewhat overwhelmed by the enormous amount of responsibility. However, the assistance and cooperation of both staff and students provided another valuable experience. For this I am eternally grateful.

In addition, I was bestowed with the honor of teaching a pilot course through John Jay entitled �Culture of Lawfulness�. This particular course emphasized teaching introductory law from a personal perspective and how it relates to the students as compared to traditional methods. For example recognizing friendships that are unsuitable, resolving conflicts without violence and negative aspects and gang affiliations. Students also participate in discussions with former Juvenile offenders who have changed their lives and lectures from the neighborhood police.

In conclusion, I must state even though I am a teacher at EBC, I am also a student learning about public safety and law and how I can serve as a role model to all students through shared experiences.

Sincere thanks to the EBC community,

Ms. G. Burnett

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