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From the Assistant Principal, Ms. Santana

EBC/ENY High School is a very special place. This is a small, intimate school where close bonds develop easily, bonds between staff and students, as well as bonds between students. It�s a place where students get more individual attention and teachers really care.

It is also a school where the staff has high expectations for the students. We all expect you to do your part so that you can be the best you can. Part of that expectation means following the rules of school. You may not like the rules, you may not agree with all the rules but they must be followed nonetheless.

As the Assistant Principal, I have the thrilling responsibility to make sure that students observe these rules. I am also charged with ensuring that your teachers enforce these rules. When you break a rule in class, not only does it bode poorly for you, but the teacher as well.

So, which rules am I referring to? Which are the ones I am constantly reminding students of the most?

� Wear your white shirt. This does not mean put it on only when you see me, or Dr. Bobo or the dean, in the halls. It is not okay to wear it on only one shoulder, or around your neck. It is not okay to wear an old cut-up T-shirt. It can be a button-down shirt, a sweater, and a sweatshirt. You should look presentable. When visitors come to our school, you should want them to be impressed by you appearance.

� Keep your hats in your locker. Why do you need to carry it around if you are not supposed to wear it? The automatic �put on cap� response is often too strong to resist.

� Doo rags, scarves, bandanas should not be hanging out of your rear pocket. Perhaps this is your own fashion statement but we all know this may have another meaning that does not belong in school.

� Walkmans, CD players and cell phones are not allowed in school. If we see them, or hear them, they will be confiscated. Be smart about this.

� If you are in the halls during times other than passing, you must have a hall pass. Telling me that your teacher told you to just go and you don�t need one doesn�t cut it. If you do not get a pass, do not leave the room. If you d o get a pass, take care of whatever business you need to and return to class as soon as possible. There are no passes that allow you to freely roam the halls.

Now, unfortunately, these are not the only rules here at EBC but are the ones that waste too much precious time enforcing. If you don�t break them, we can�t bother you about them. I would much rather say �Good morning� to you as I pass you in the hall then �Where is your white shirt?�