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     As principal of EBC/East New York over the past three years, I am truly proud of our school's most important achievements.  During the 2001 - 2002 school year, one of the school's many achievements was its inclusion in the first National Directory of Law and Public Safety Schools and Academics published by the United States Department of Justice.  As a magnet school for public safety and law, EBC/ East New York is unique among the city's high schools.  The staff works tirelessly to provide a grade 9 - 12 academic program which, while preparing students for the new standards and regents exam, exposes them to an array of public safety, security and law-related careers.  The curriculum emphasizes performance based assessment (e.g., portfolios), but also, intensive regents preparation, study skills and research.  Graduating seniors are academically prepared to continue their education at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, as well as pursue careers related to public safety, law and security.

     EBC/East New York requires students to take the required academic courses leading to a four-year diploma as defined by New York State and NYC Board of Education.  All students also participate in a four-year sequence of law and public safety electives, as follows:

  • 9th year:   Law (Intro to Criminal Justice)

  • 10th year: Corrections (Introduction to Criminology)

  • 11th year: Forensics/Active Physics

  • 12th year: Community Service/Community Action law-related internships and projects

We are particularly proud of our college affiliations, which are described below:

  • Under the leadership of Mr. Heath Grant, Senior Research Associate for the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation Center, EBC/ENY has integrated the "Culture of Lawfulness" curriculum.  This curriculum emphasizes civics as well as ethics and moral values.  John Jay College also provides guest speakers and professional development to teachers in the law program.

  • Under the leadership of Dr. Jackie Ancess, Associate Director of the NCREST program at Teachers College, Columbia University, EBC/ENY participates in the Goldman-Sachs Institute.  As a result of their involvement in this network EBC/ENY teachers have received training in the "Critical Friends" protocol, and have had the opportunity to visit other schools in order to learn more about instructional approaches that are being used throughout the city. Through the influence of Dr. Ancess, EBC/ENY has also been adopted over the next four years by the institute for Student Achievement headed by Dr. Gerry House, an acclaimed educator and superintendent for 15 years.

  • Under the leadership of Ms. Pat Walker, Facilitator and coach for the "Schools Attuned" program at Bank Street College, selected EBC/ENY teachers have had the opportunity to learn techniques for teaching to the multiple intelligences and varied learning styles of their students.

     Clearly, EBC/East New York is a "Work in Progress" destined to improve with time.  We invite you to explore our website.