Program Objectives















Program Objectives

HOE: To provide students with an exploratory experience which will enable them to make short and long term health care career decisions by providing hem with the basic skills, knowledge, and attitudes common to all present and emerging health occupations.  To gain an appreciation of wellness throughout the life cycle and develop personal leadership and management skills.

Medical Assisting: To provide additional teaching services in health occupations programs in the area of medical assisting.  To strengthen practical skills and academic skills, which will enable students to successfully complete the occupational sequence. The new learning standards will be infused throughout the instructional program.  The medical assisting classrooms will be upgraded to reflect today�s medical offices and hospital rooms.  This also includes one-year internship at Lincoln Hospital in Bronx, New York.

Internship:  To use knowledge and skills learned in previous years in a practical setting and be prepared for an entry level job in the health professions either full-time or as a part-time job while attending college.