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Sophomore year:  HOE   double period class( equivalent to 2 years)

The Health Occupations Education Core identifies factors contributing to the personal health of individuals throughout the life cycle.  The skills, knowledge and behaviors identified in the modules include development of communication techniques, computer literacy, leadership skills and resource management techniques.  Students build on these skills while exploring health care careers.  Terminology, sterilizing, body mechanics, and measuring vital signs are addressed in the modules. 

Junior Year: Medical Assisting

The program will provide students with medical assisting skills required by the health industry.  They    will acquire the ability to apply their academic knowledge and skills in the workplace and other settings.  Students will participate in project based contextual learning that integrates disciplines to evaluate and present information on career trends.  Their clinical and academic performance will be improved as a result of classroom instruction.  Classroom instruction is supplemented by a variety of career development activities that serve as a bridge to connect school and work, including career awareness, exploration and planning.  Students will participate in job shadowing, internships, and workplace visits.  Students will demonstrate medial assisting skills (i.e. measuring vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration), knowledge of sterile techniques and appointment making skills.  Students will engage in hands-on experience to acquire these skills and will be able to demonstrate their mastery in order to perform in entry-level position.

Senior Year:  Internship

Students participate in a one-year internship at Lincoln Hospital to apply the skills and knowledge they have been acquiring in the past two years as well as gain clinical experience in a hospital setting.  Students also learn how to work as part of a team.


Note:  Students begin with Introduction to Occupations in freshmen year.