Then... I had really great friends, my best friend in Poland was and

is Lucy, but I have there my good (cool) fiends too. Like I said I have all my downtown

of friends, always when I want somewhere so I was always just wit my 8 friends,

we always went to the church, store shopping, party, birthdays, oasis, school,

but in school everybody try to separated us, but we did everything to be in one

class together. I know those people all my life, and I can't compare them with anyone.

Now...I have good friends hear, but I can’t compare them this from Poland because,

they are really different, here I don’t have a best friend, I have just friends, I have

friends at school Grover Cleveland I know almost everybody from Poland who is there.

I know a lot of Latino, French, and Italian. I really, really can’t compare them with

friends who are in Poland, because my old friends are like me, I was crazy, funny,

loud and every of us was very happy. Now I can’t go there right now, but on the next

vacation I most fly there up, up under the sky, I most go there.

I wish go there faster like night or just dream.


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