When I was in China, I like music and buy CD. To me, music is like eat, and sleep. In one day, I can't live without listen music. All I want to know is music. I listen music everywhere. When I doing my homework, when I was bored, when I was walking, when I was sleep, even when I was eating. Every time if there's somebody with me, they always said: “Stop! Stop the music!" Especially when I have dinner in my grandmother's house. I like to play the music out loud, but my aunt likes to be quiet, so she always said: “Turn off the music." Buy CD was another thing I like to do. I always went to the CD store with my cousin and my dad. These two people are the same like me, we like to buy and listen them. Sometimes, my father and me like to discuss the songs. We always have good time when we discuss them.

           Now, my interest still didn't change. But I don't like to buy CD because I always download songs from the Internet, then copy on the CD. The biggest reason I'm doing this is because I don't want to waste lots of money. I have more interest now, like Internet, and animation. I still listen music everyday and discuss with my dad. Also I like to read comic books from Japan. I like the way they draw the characters. The characters don't like the real humans. Every girl is very cute and beautiful, and the boys are very handsome and cool. I like to go on the Internet too. I always go on the Internet to download songs and finding information to help my homework. Actually you can learn lots of things from the Internet, but also they are lots of bad things too. Be careful!






                           Are You Changed?