School. Schools are totally different. In China, some elementary school are five years, some of them are six years. For middle school is three years. And for high school is three years too. Every school has uniform for each student. Every school has different uniform. And they separate them very clearly. They separate them by four seasons. Students don’t have to wear them everyday. Every morning, there are two students stand in front of the gate, if anyone didn’t wear uniform, they will ask you your class, and they will take points off from your class. And we have to wear the red thing on your neck too. For lunch, you have two choices. One is stay in school; the other one is go home. We didn’t have cafeteria in school. We just eat in the classroom. And you have to pay for the lunch (by one year). You have to pay for study too. If you want to go home, you have to come back on 1:00p.m. We don’t have to change class every period; we stay in one classroom, except art, music, and gym. We have gym in a playground, which means we have gym outdoor. But we don’t have to change. I feel we have more exercise than in New York. In New York, we only play some balls. But in China, we always run. In the classroom, nobody is chewing. All the teachers are so serious, and we have lots of homework.

           Now, my school life is totally changed. I have less homework and teachers are not serious as the teachers in China. Like Ms. Judi, when she’s teaching, she likes to sits on her desk. And I don’t have to wear uniform. I think I have more freedom now. I don’t have to worry this, worry that. I’m more relaxed now. I like the school in New York.






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