Final Project:
Creating Awareness in the Community

Due: Last Week of Semester

This can and should be used for your health and fitness portfolio


You and a partner have been running your own advertising agency out of your apartment for a few months. You decide that you are tired of promoting over priced sneakers to teenagers. You want to do something useful. You really want to get across a message about an important health issue. Your skills are in production and computer applications. You know that you can mount a useful ad campaign, you just need to decide on the topic and do sufficient research. Brainstorming, you come up with the following topics. You decide to use one of these or find another within the next few days.

  • Teen Pregnancy
  • AIDS around the world
  • Environmental Awareness
  • World Hunger / Poverty
  • Asthma
  • Nutrition
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Teen Suicide
  • Eating Disorders
  • Rape and/or Incest
  • Physical/ Verbal Abuse by a loved one.
  • Drug Abuse
  • Teen Depression
  • Teen Smoking
  • Cancer.

  • Components:
    The following components must be included in your campaign:

    1. Make a decision - First, your team must pick one of the above topics (or another like topic of your own choosing).
    2. Pick your roles.
    3. Conduct preliminary research. This should give you some insight into the topic you have chosen.
    4. You must develop a slogan that will be the hallmark of the campaign. Remember, the slogan will appear on every form of advertisement, so think carefully about what your message will be.
    5. Using PowerPoint, create a 4-6 slide commercial that gets the message across to your audience. Think about all the ads you�ve seen on TV that dealt with similar issues. What made them effective? Take into consideration the seriousness of your topic. Don�t be afraid to use scanned pictures and images created in PhotoShop.
    6. Create a poster in PhotoShop that will be displayed in public places, such as schools, community centers, city hall, etc.
    7. Create a web page that links to both team members� home pages. The topic you have chosen should appear clearly on the top center. Your web page must include the following:
      • Information - you must create a home page for this campaign that is informative and educational. This means conducting background research into your topic.
      • Links - Include at least three links to other sites that you feel are relevant to your topic. For example, if you are dealing with teen pregnancy, you may want to link to the Planned Parenthood site
      • Team Members' Names - Clearly state somewhere on the top of your page who the team members are, that way you can both receive a grade for this project.
    8. Be prepared to present during the last two days of class!

    Tips for successfully completing this project on time:
    • Use as many applications as possible! You've learned so many great skills and wonderful applications that you need to show how good you are at bringing these skills together to create a wonderful technology-infused project.
    • Don't ignore content! Don't go easy on information. Remember, the purpose of this project is to create an awareness about an issue. And because this project is for computers, doesn't mean you should focus only on technology and less on research. A project weak in content will receive a low grade.
    • Set up a timeline that will help you and your partner work together effectively. Remember, you have less than three weeks to complete this project.
    • Communicate with your partner about all executive decisions you make, whether they are in content or design.
    • Rehearse your presentation! We all know from just being in computer class that technology sometimes doesn't work when we want it to or the way we want it to at a specific moment. That's why it's important to go over your presentation and know information about your topic whether or not your web page loads up.
    Rubric for grading Final Project