Midwinter Project

(due before the Spring break)

You must do a front page that includes a banner, a table and a centered image like this one. One of the boxes in your table must have a link to a short autobiograpy (see below), another must link to a web page that has a list of at least three your favorite links (click here for example), another box must have a link to some topic of your own choosing . The topic could be anything or anyone you choose (see below). You must also have a box that links to a page of photos or images that you have. So, you must have at least four boxes or cells that provide links to other pages that you have done. Everyone of these pages must also link back to the front page.

In short, for this project, you need something exactly like this but with your own biography, links, subject and photos. Later, once you have done a front page like this you can change it if you choose.


Something about yourself - where you live, what your interests are, what your hobbies are, links to friends site, links to site that interest you, where you go to school, what your favorite subject is, what your talents and skills are, what kind of food you like, shout outs, where you are from - any mix of the above or more. The web pages are done by YOU so share something about who you are. Whatever you do, however you organize it, you should have two paragraphs of text that demonstrate you can format text using HTML.

Remember that you can use this for your autobiography portfolio, so this little blurb could link to other pages you do that are about you or have something to do with you.

General Interest Topic:

Using a mix of images and text share something about a subject or person that interests you. Do it in a way that will make it interesting to the viewer.

To see how this project will be graded, click here RUBRIC