Flower fair is a very exciting activity in the Spring Festival. When the Spring Festival approaches, the streets and fairs bustle with people shopping and florists from suburban areas setting up temporary shacks for the flower fair.

Guangzhou is known for its flower fair held annually during the Spring Festival. The fair in the centre of the city is one of Guangzhou's six major flower fairs. The streets are decorated with fragrant and beautiful fresh flowers, golden tangerines, and elegant miniture landscapes, looking like rivers of flowers in the distance. If we connected the flower stalls, there would be a flower street stretching for miles.

It is customary to visit the flower fair on the eve of the Spring Festival and buy a potted tree with tangerines hanging on it. People also colourful flowers into vases. Immediately, the sitting room will be fragrant and pleasing on the eye. In addition, the tangerine symbolizes good luck and wealth to the local people and the chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity. On the contrary, if one comes back from the flower fair empty-handed amidst the sound of firecrackers when a year end, one will feel unhappy. All unhappiness in the following year will be attributed to not having bought flowers at the fair.

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