The library in our school is small. The librarian is a woman, her name is Barbara.

In the school library, they are many ESL stroy books, they have different level. Students can according to their level to borrow the ESL story books.

It has two different sections in the library. One is the fiction section. Anothe is the nufiction sectio. In the both sections, there are may books witch written by famous writter.

There are more than ten computers in the library. Students can use the coputers at any minutes. All the computer are conecting to the printer, they can prin any documents, but from the internet, because many students used to print the carton pictures from the internet for fun.

At the luch time, there is a teacher in the library to help students to improve their English. Her name call Judy. She is a nice teaching assistant, she explain and translate for student patiently.