The Creation of World --- Mythologies

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The Creation of the World ---- Norse

Eventually the Aesir decided to raise up Ymir's body, and from to formed the world. His blood became the sea and lakes; his flesh formed the earth; and from his bones, the mountains were made. Bones that were alredy broken became the rocks and pebbles.

Not stopping there, the Aesir made the dome of the sky from his skull, placing a dwarf in each corner fo the earth to hold it high. Around the earth, they created a wall from his eyebrows and called it Midgard. This, they said, would protect their next important creation, people, fromthe Frost Giants who roamed the cold regions of Niflheim.

Haida Creation Myth

Before the world as we created, there was a kingdom in the clouds called Cloud Land. This kingdom was ruled by Sha-lana, the Cloud King. He had many servants, including Raven. Raven was , by many accounts, a rather mischievous and coever creature, and he certainly did not like being a servant in Cloud Land. He also reserted very much the fact that as he flew from place to place in Cloud Land, there was no spot for him to sit and rest on ther great sea that lay below Sha-Lans's kingdom. So it happened that one day he decided to correct this situation by beating the water with his wings until the rocks were formes. These rocks then grew out over the sea to form dry land.

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