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These cats were first bred in California in the early 1960's. They are a combination of Birman, Burmese and White Persian.

They are large, heavy-boned, longhaired cats, very even-tempered and quiet spoken. There name comes from the fact they tend to go limp when picked up. Some neutered males will weigh up to twenty pounds; females weigh about ten to fifteen pounds. They can take three years to achieve full growth.

Ragdolls have gorgeous blue eyes and silky coats which can be plush or longer coated. They do not need much grooming. Females usually take care of themselves; males however, might need a little 'help' about once a week. They have a big wide head, medium length nose and a gentle 'stop' or 'break' between the eyes. This gives them a sweet expression.

The head is of medium size with a side profile that shows a gentle stop, and a medium-length nose. The front profile shows a wide, modified wedge. The skull between the ears is flat and the ears are medium in size, round-tipped and tilt forward. It has full cheeks and a full rounded chin. The eyes are large and oval, set far apart and a deep China blue.

The coat is long, full, and with a silky texture that lies with the body and breaks as the cat moves. The fur is longest around the neck flowing into a luxurious ruff framing the face. The fur mats much less than is usual for longhaired cats and is easy to maintain.

Ragdolls come in three patterns: Colorpoint, Mitted, and Bi-color. The Colorpoint Ragdolls have a dark mask, ears, legs and tail, which provide a distinct contrast with the pale body color. Mitted Ragdolls have white scalloped front paws, white back legs up to the hock, a white chin and the dark mask, ears, legs, and tail of the colorpoint. The Bi-color has a pale body, a white chest, underbelly, legs, collar and chin with a dark mask, ears and tail. The Bi-color's mask is interrupted by a white patch that extends in an inverted "V" down a line through the eyes and sweeps toward the back of the chin into the bib.

Ragdolls come in a multitude of colors: Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Frost (or Lilac, as some associations call them), Lynx, Tortie and Flame.


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