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Savage Garden

Savage Garden was formed in 1993 when Daniel placed an add in a Brisbane music publication Time Off looking for a lead vocalist for the then covers band "Red Edge", Darren replied and they clicked immediately. After a while they got sick of performing other peoples music and left Red Edge. They began writing music together and they clicked. Savage Garden was born. The music of Savage Garden is written by both Darren and Daniel. Today they are enjoying major success around the world.

To the Moon and Back was actually a piece of music that Daniel had written. Darren took it away and came back the next day with the song as it is to day. It was one of the first songs they wrote together and was inspired by a girl called Ainsle. Just recently this song won the ARIA Award for Australian Song of The Year in the 1997 ARIA Awards. Their band name, as many have guessed, is inspired by Anne Rice's vampire novels. The inside covers of the debut album are from The Garden Of Earthly Delites.


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