The new iMac is designed around a stunning 15-inch LCD flat screen that��s brighter, sharper and easier on the eyes than old-fashioned CRT displays. And instead of requiring your neck, shoulders and back to do the adjusting, the new iMac��s display literally glides through the air �� allowing you to effortlessly adjust its height or angle with a touch of your finger.
Packs 1,000 songs into the new iPod. Built-in 10-band equalizer with 22 EQ presets. MP3 CD-burning capability � over 150 songs per disc. New Crossfader for smooth transitions between songs. Apple-engineered Sound Enhancer for richer audio playback. Manage your music with the power of AppleScript. Burns audio CDs up to twice as fast as before

Playing Music and Importing Songs Some CD-R drives do not reliably play music or import songs into MP3 format. You may find that using the built-in CD/DVD drive works better for these tasks
iTunes 1.1: Third-Party Disc Burning Software Stops Working. About iTunes 1.1 Document and Software

Toast Titanium Suite

Diablo II

OmniGraffle 2.0

Watson 1.5