Offsite Educational Service
Admin Officedirections100-00 Beach Channel Drive 718-318-2216
Alpha Schooldirections2400 Linden Blvd 718-257-5800
Argus High Schooldirections760 East 180th Street 718-401-5700 x5757
Aurora Conceptdirections78-31 Parsons Blvd 718-969-7000
Banana Kellydirections970 Prospect Avenue 718-860-2247
Barbara Blumdirections269 21st Street 718-965-4202
Betances Housing Authoritydirections465 St Ann's Avenue 718-993-4693
Boricua Collegedirections186 North 6th Street 718-782-2200 x202
Camelot Idirections263 Port Richmond Avenue 718-981-8117
Camelot IIdirections273 Heberton Avenue 718-816-6589
Canarise Aware Inc.directions1285 Rockaway Parkway 718-257-3195 x221
Carey Gardens Housing Authdirections2315 Surf Avenue 718-372-3582
Chelsea Housing Authoritydirections447 West 25th Street 212-414-0696
Claremont Cons Housing Authdirections1105 Teller Avenue 718-992-6222
Cooper Housesdirections40 Debevoise Avenue 718-389-2807
Covenant Brooklyndirections20 New York Avenue 718-398-5136
Covenant Brooklyn IIdirections75 Lewis Avenue 718-452-6730
Covenant Harlemdirections69 East 125th Street 212-534-7538
Covenant House 17th Streetdirections342 West 17th Street 5fl 212-727-6518
Covenant House Jamaicadirections159-17 Hillside Avenue 718-725-9851
Covenant House SIdirections70 Bay Street 718-876-9810
Daytop Far Rockawaydirections316 Beach 65th Street 718-474-3800
Daytop Villagedirections1915 Forest Avenue 718-981-3136
Daytop Village - Brooklyndirections401 State Street 718-625-1388
Daytop Village Bronxdirections16 Westchester Square 718-822-1217
Daytop Village Queensdirections166-10 91st Street 718-657-3622
Douglas H Adirections830 Columbus Avenue 212-749-3631
Dynamite Youth Centerdirections1830 Coney Island Avenue 718-376-7923
Dynamite Youth Center IdirectionsRte 42 PO. Box 547 914-434-3370
East River H Adirections453 East 102nd Street 212-831-7725
Edgemere NYCHAdirections57-10 Beach Channel Drive 718-945-2156
ELMCORdirections107-20 Northern Blvd 718-651-0096 x230
Family YV/KC Hosptialdirections604 Winthrop Street 718-245-2541
FEGSdirections199 Jay Street 718-488-0120 x461
Flowers with Caredirections23-40 Astoria Blvd 718-726-9790
Friends of Island Academydirections500 Eighth Avenue 212-760-0755
Globe Institutedirections291 Broadway 212-349-4330
Gowanus Housing Authdirections244 Bond Street 718-237-0983
Grant Housing Authdirections430 West 125th Street 212-932-2340
Hartley Housedirections413 West 46th Street 212-246-9885
Highbridge Housing Authdirections1075 University Avenue 718-588-4511
Human Service Centers Bklyndirections795 Flushing Avenue 718-486-3092
Human Service Centers Incdirections87-08 Justice Avenue, Suite 1G 718-476-8480
Ingersoll Housing Authdirections51 Monument Walk 718-875-4314
J CAP I directions116-30 Sutphin Blvd 718-322-2500
J CAP IIdirections116-30 Sutphin Blvd 718-322-2500
Jackson Housing Authdirections765 Courtlandt Avenue 718-402-7229
Jobs for Youthdirections248 Duffield Street 718-222-5536
Just Us Incdirections240 East 123rd Street 212-348-7571
Mid-Bronx Youth Skillsdirections489 South Place 718-590-0655
Neighborhood Youthdirections1910 Arthur Avenue 718-294-0499
New Beginningsdirections114-02 Guy Brewer Blvd 718-739-0215
New Dorp High Schooldirections265 New Dorp Lane 718-667-8686
North Central Bronx Hospitaldirections3424 Kissuth Avenue 718-519-4816
NYCHA - Main Officedirections11 Park Place 212-306-8622
O'Dwyer Housing Authdirections2945 West 33rd Street 718-265-4064
Odyssey House Idirections309 East 6th Street 212-780-1526
Odyssey IIdirections246 East 121st Street 212-987-5151
OES Media Centerdirections69 Schermerhorn Street 718-858-2090
Osborne Associationdirections809 Westchester Avenue 718-842-0500
Outreach Housedirections1614 Weirfield Street 718-456-7820
Outreach Projectdirections117-11 Myrtle Avenue 718-849-0101 x327
Phoenix - Bronxdirections1851 Pelham Place 718-299-3850
Phoenix House directions223 West 80th Street 212-873-1800 x7525
Project Contact Minidirections315 East 10th Street 212-533-3570
Project Victory I directions30 Third Avenue 718-875-1190 x680
Project Victory IIdirections30 Third Avenue 718-875-1190 x680
Promesadirections311 East 175th Street 718-960-7559
Redfern Housingdirections13-02Redfern Avenue 718-868-8236
Richmond Terrace Housingdirections121 Jersey Street 718-448-3827
Rutgers Housing Authoritydirections200 Madison Street 212-732-7369
Sadie American directions91 Henderson Avenue 718-448-2360
Sadie American LYFEdirections91 Henderson Avenue 718-448-2440
SamaritandirectionsBox 145 Briggs Highway 914-647-8005 X158
Sheepshead Bay HSdirections3000 Avenue X 718-332-2003 X497
Stevenson Commonsdirections755 White Plains Road 718-589-5202
Taft/Cornell Coop Housing Authdirections1712 Madison Avenue 212-831-7760
Teen Aid High Schooldirections69 Schermerhorn Street 718-935-9457
The Doordirections121 Sixth Avenue 212-941-9090 X259
The Door - AMdirections121 Sixth Avenue 212-941-9090 X262
The Door - LYFEdirections121 Sixth Avenue 212-941-9090 X317
Thomas Askindirections2020 Coney Island Avenue 718-676-4315
Throggs Neck Housingdirections550 Balcom Avenue 718-892-8486
Tompkins Housing Authdirections105 Tompkins Avenue 718-387-3956
University Con Housing Authdirections1472 Montgomery Avenue 718-716-9042
VeritasdirectionsHC # 1 Rte 55 Box 5 914-557-3535
Veritas- ReEntrydirections68 West 106th Street 212-666-1411
Vocational Foundation (VFI)directions1 Hanson Pl. 718-789-0564
West Brighton Housing Authdirections210 Broadway 718-816-6957
Wyckoff Housingdirections280 Wyckoff Street 718-802-0314
You Can c/o St. Mary'sdirections187 Leonard Street 718-963-4070
Youth Action Programdirections1325 Fifth Avenue 212-860-8170
Youth Daresdirections2857 West 8th Street 718-996-5551 x19
YWCA Harlemdirections610 Lexington Avenue 212-735-9748