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Welcome to the Department of Technology's web page. We provide a wide range of services to our schools. Because of personnel changes, school tech coordinators are not always aware of everything we do. We have tried to put as much information about our services on this page. If you need anything, just drop us an email.

- NoraLee Montemarano

If you need help with your school network (LAN), file server, or computer lab, we will send out our Instructional Support team. We can fix Web Filtering issues remotely. If your problem involves an office computer, a token-ring problem, or any "VLAN 2" issue, an Administrative Support technician will be dispatched. Our Administrative team also handles all telephone and PBX related issues.

support contact: Jim Gong
[email protected]

We run a number of servers. hosts most of our school web pages. Many of our teachers have web pages on the teacher server. A growing number of schools encourage students to create web pages. They have the option to stream video as well. Our latest project has been to use Blackboard, an online course management system.

support contact: Olgierd Bilanow
[email protected]

The DOE has many separate administrative applications. Mainframe applications include ATS, EIS, FAMIS, and UAPC. Web based Applications include SIS, HSAPS, and Safety Plans.

Melissa Hinson is our ATS coordinator and should be contacted if all else fails, but the initial contacts for each application vary and are listed here.

support contact: Melissa Hinson
[email protected]

Teachers wanting to log on to their DOE email for the first time should follow these instructions. Additional information is available through this FAQ and this supplement.

As of January 2003, all DOE employees have an Outlook email account. The web interface is called OWA, available here. There is no central email system for students. We recommend Yahoo, a free service that is more reliable than Hotmail.

Administrators can work most effectively by using the Outlook application instead of the web interface. This requires some configuration.

We host a number of Listservs, some open to the public, others private. The essential list for school Technology Coordinators is TechForum.

support contact: Olgierd Bilanow
[email protected]