About the Navigation of This Site
Sections of this site are navigated via the traditional left-frame buttons. Pages within each section are reached via lavendar navigational tabs (see picture to the right) which have been superimposed upon cover images loaded in the background of tables.  You have reached this page by clicking in the center of the ring.

Each ring tab takes you to indivial pages and subsections. To return to the cover of a subsection, select the buttons at left. To return to the site cover page, click on the button at the upper left of the site, above the left frame.

Portals are designed to get users quickly to the site of their choice. Tabs on the Teacher, Student or Parent portal pages link outside the site, generally. Clicking on the center of portal cover images will take you to a customized 'start page' .

About the AACE Logo

This logo was created to tell the creation myth of the Alternative School Division from the Board of Education.  The logo contains different meanings: The Thinker represents students learning, the lighthouse represents the Alternative School Division and its guiding light to students. The skyline represents New York. In the color version, the colors represent a non-corporate image to try and encourage a second look from students.

About the Class 

Tech Leaders meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:00 to whenever.  During this web design project, each class started out with a work plan Students would report to this work plan to receive their task for that day. Please view our credits page to see who did what. Thanks! Email your comments to Bram Moreinis, Computer Teacher.