University Heights High School
at Bronx Community College

Our school's purpose is to create a powerful learning community, 
which includes intellectual and personal fulfillment. 
We use performance-based  learning and accountability, 
and our students graduate by portfolio assessment. 
We value diversity in who we are and what we do. 
We work together collaboratively in the classroom, in our school governance, 
and with our host, Bronx Community College.

Principal: Deborah Harris,  [email protected]
Assistant Principal: Judy Wechsler, 
UFT Chapter Leader : Lana Hower
Parents' Association President: Elba Rivera

Program Eligibility: Open to N.Y.C. residents. 
Priority given to students in Community School District 9 & 10, then to NYC residents.
Number of Students: 412
Language Courses Offered: Spanish
Accessible Site: No
Special Education Services Provided: Consistent with IEP

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Transportation: Subway IRT 4 to Burnside Ave., 
Buses BX 3, BX 40/42 to West 181 st & University Avenue.
School Schedule: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Enrollment: approximately 430

If you are interested in observing our Roundtable process 
and learning more about assessment at University Heights 
please call us for an appointment: 718-289-5300.