1. Choose a domain you wish to present.

DOMAIN  ______________

2. Choose 3-4 projects which relate to the domain.  3 of them must be current (that is, from this year).You must include:

3. Get your projects approved by your family group teacher as being appropriate for your chosen domain.
FG Teacher ______________
4. Get each project approved by the project teacher:
a. Humanities project cleared by Humanities teacher
HUM Teacher ______________
b. MST project cleared by MST teacher
MST teacher ______________
c. One of the following;
Service Learning project cleared by Service Learning
Passages project cleared by Passages teacher or MST Teacher
Phys. Ed. project cleared by your phys. ed. teacher
Leadership (Senate, Policy Council, Peer Educators, etc.) by advisor

SL/P/PE/L teacher ______________

5. Get a list of previous roundtable recommendations from your family group teacher.
FG Teacher ______________
6. Write your first cover letter draft. Bring each section to the  appropriate teacher from above for initial revisions. 7. Meet with your family group teacher with your completed cover letter for first complete editing, feedback, and revisions.
FG Teacher ______________
8. Schedule a tentative roundtable date with your family group teacher
Roundtable Date  ______________
9. Confirm that a parent is coming, or arrange with Tomaso for a representative from the Parents Association to come. 10. Confirm that a peer is coming to the roundtable.
Peer  ______________
11 Get final draft approval from your family group teacher at least 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE. 12. Have 7 copies of your cover letter made and give to family group teacher at least 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.