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School Technology Coordinators may want to install Outlook full client for people who use their DOE email on a daily basis.

DOE email can only be accessed via the Outlook application from computers on the administrative network (VLAN2). It will not work from home or from computers on the instructional network. Outlook Express is NOT Outlook. Outlook Express is useless. Outlook comes with Office on the PC side, it also exists for OS 9, but an OS X version has not been released yet.


The DOE manual about setting up Outlook for PCs is here:

Changes on page 13:
a) Instead of 2MTCXH02 use 2MTEXC02VS1.NYCED.ORG for your Microsoft Exchange Server (AKA
b) Do not type your full name, just the part of your email address before "". In the example listed, "DPedern" would be entered in Mailbox. Once confirmed ny Outlook, it will change automatically to "Pedernera Denise".


The DOE manual about setting up Outlook for Macs is here:
(Instuctions are for OS 9 only. Microsoft is withholding the release of an Exchange client for OS X)

If the instructions do not work, use the names and IP addresses listed above.