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Alternative Education Superintendency Fact Sheet

The Office of Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools & Programs:

  • Operates 68 schools and programs in more than 400 sites throughout the city
  • Services more than 37,000 students at any one time
  • Conducts a full-range of education including:

  • 26 Articulated Schools
  • 25 Transfer Schools,
  • 16 Transitional and Retrieval programs
  • 15 LYFE Centers (Infants: 2 months to 3 yrs old)
  • 2 Elementary schools, and
  • 50 Adult Education Centers

The Superintendency provides an effective organizational structure for securing improvements and replicating proven program success. A coordinated delivery systems model continuously addresses:

  • Standards of quality teaching (staffing, curriculum and instruction)
  • Resource allocation (including solicitation and management of special funds)
  • Supervisory support (limited pre-service alternative education training warrants continuous site-based professional development for teachers/administrators)

The Superintendency provides a legitimate place in the continuum of services for high needs-yet often overlooked-student populations. The complex dynamics of Alternative Education include:

Articulated Schools
Small, theme-based schools grades 7-12 or 9-12

  • Baccalaureate School for Global Education
  • Beacon School
  • Central Park East Secondary School
  • Landmark High School
  • Legacy School for Integrated Studies
  • Manhattan Village Academy
  • Monroe Academy for Business & Law
  • Vanguard High School
  • Wings Academy

Transfer Schools
Designed to support students who have repeated failure in high school

  • Bronx Regional High School
  • Cascades High School
  • Community Preparatory High School
  • Concord High School
  • Edward A Reynolds West Side High School
  • Gregorio Luperon High School
  • High School Redirection
  • Metropolitan Corporate Academy
  • Pacific High School
  • Park East High School
  • Phoenix Academy
  • Satellite Academy
  • Street Academy
  • Urban Academy Lab High School

Alternative Elementary Schools

  • Bronx Little School (K-4)
  • Ella Baker School (K-8)

English Language Learners
Schools designed for students whose primary language is not English

  • Brooklyn International High School
  • High School of World Cultures
  • Liberty High School
  • Lower East Side Preparatory School
  • Manhattan International High School

College Partnerships
10 schools with ‘College Now” programs
Alternative schools partnering on college campuses

  • Brooklyn College Academy
  • University Heights Hs (Bronx Community College)
  • Hostos Lincoln Academy

Arts Education Collaborations
Schools with arts-education themes:

  • Ballet Tech (4 -12)
  • Choir Academy of Harlem
  • NYC Public School Repertory Company
  • Monroe Academy for Visual Arts & Design
  • New School for Arts & Sciences (7-12)

External Learning/Experiential Learning

  • City-As-School
  • School for the Physical City (7-12)
  • NYC Vocational Training Centers (47 sites)

Technology Based Schools

  • Bronx Coalition Community School for Technology
  • Robert Wagner Jr. Institute for Arts and Technology (7-12)
  • School of Cooperative Technical Education

Social Change Schools

  • Coalition School for Social Change
  • East New York Family Academy (7-12)
  • EBC High School for Public Service (Bushwick)
  • EBC HS for Public Safety & Law (East New York)
  • Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
  • Freedom Academy
  • Unity High School
  • Urban Peace Academy

Transitional Programs

  • Auxiliary Services for High Schools (80 GED preparation sites)
  • Borough Academies
  • Career Education Center (36 sites including Job Corp locations)
  • Eight Plus Learning Academies (14 sites)
  • Island Academy and Horizon Academy (13 sites on Rikers Island)
  • Literacy Centers (Fredrick Douglass (Bk); James Baldwin (Bx))
  • Offsite Educational Services (83 sites including Substance Intervention Centers)
  • Outreach Program
  • Passages Academy (7 sites for juvenile offenders)
  • Program for Pregnant and Parenting Services
  • Project Blend
  • Second Opportunity Schools (for students suspended for up to one year)

International and United Nations Partnerships
Through the International Bridges Project and via the United Nations, more than 50 Alternative schools have developed collaborative projects with students throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Community Based Organizations

Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs has a long-standing history in working with Community Based Organizations, non-profits and other city agencies including:

  • Administration of Children Services
  • Covenant House
  • Department of Employment
  • Department of Labor
  • The Door
  • Good Shepherd Services
  • Office of Children & Family Services
  • Phoenix House
  • University Settlement
  • Wildcat Services

Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs has developed accountability measures to meet and exceed educational standards for all students, including those who are not successful in traditional educational settings.