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An Alternative Teaching Experience Because...

• to make a difference, we are committed to activity centered learning

• to have an impact, our small size prevents anonymity, improving relations among students and staff

• to be creative, we are pledged to using unique principles and practices of schooling

Alternative education in New York City means an approach to education that challenges the traditional, 19th Century-style schooling. The Superintendency of Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs is now the largest collection of schools and programs in the United States devoted to progressive and innovative educational practices and schools of choice. Alternative schools and programs recognize the need to support different approaches and different perspectives so that the power of choice, both for students and parents, can be fostered. The Superintendency pioneered practices such as school based management, peer hiring / evaluation and interdisciplinary curricula. We also promote non-graded organizational structures, thematically-based schools, portfolio-based assessment and the infusion of special education programs into Alternative school settings.


An Alternative Teaching Experience Because...

• to be successful, we have the highest "diplomas-to-register" percentage in the city

• to be motivated, we estimate over 80% of the students are involved in external learning (internships, apprenticeships, taking college courses)

• to be teacher supportive, schoolbased management is a long standing tradition with collaborative leadership and reflective decision making

The Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs Superintendency (AACESP) encompasses 70 schools and programs with over 400 sites situated in all five boroughs and locations outside of New York City, as well as the Office of Adult and Continuing Education. Our schools and programs serve a continuum of students including Regents-based learners, "high risk" youngsters who are unsuccessful in one or more New York City high schools, incarcerated youth, newly arrived immigrants and older teenagers and adults who enter a range of GED, vocational, ESL, basic literacy, substance abuse and pregnancy programs. Our agenda integrates curriculum and instruction to prepare students for a diploma conforming to both State and City Standards. Our schools provide opportunities to share with each other new strategies and the latest pedagogical techniques and practices to support instruction.


An Alternative Teaching Experience

We invite you to contact the schools directly to set up an interview or you may contact us to discuss your options at....(718) 752 7300. Please feel free to mail us a current resume.: Personnel