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Computer Related Resources and Sites

Green Ball Computer Viruses, Hoaxes and Anti-Virus Utilities
Never forward a message unless you know it's true. So the next time someone e-mails you about another doomsday virus, or that Bill Gates is going to give you $100 just by forwarding an e-mail, stop and think where is this information really coming from? Chances are, it's just a hoax.

Green Ball Networks
Novell NetWare, Microsoft Windows NT / 2000, Unix / Linux, TCP/IP, Wireless Networking (802.11b),
Broadband / DSL : Technical Support, Security Issues, Updates, Patches, Utilities, etc.

Green Ball Windows Notes by Mr. Chin
Tips for resolving specific issues and hints for avoiding certain problems.

Green Ball General Computer
Help Desk, Tutorials: Computer concepts, CGI, Java, etc., Clip Art, Icons, Sounds, Game Web Sites.

Green Ball Programming
Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, C++: Tutorials, Reference, Style Guides and Utilities

Green Ball Databases
SQL, Access, Database Design.

Green Ball Privacy
Privacy and Computer Security Issues, Stop unwanted mail, Cryptography, Encryption, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), Firewalls, etc.

Green Ball Hardware
Technical Support, Device Drivers, Specifications, Jumper Settings, Tutorials, RAM guides. Also, CD-ROM, CD-Recordable and CD-RW links, Year 2000 issues.

Green Ball Microsoft Windows 9x/ME
OS Updates, Patches, Utilities, etc.

Green Ball Microsoft Office
Updates, Patches, Utilities, etc.

Green Ball Palm Computing
Updates, Patches, Utilities, Articles for PalmPilot computer

Green Ball Games
Falcon 4, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, Flight Simulator 200x, Chess, etc.

Green Ball Fred Langa's e-newsletter
Sign up for Fred Langa's award-winning e-newsletter. You'll see how to get LOTS more from your hardware, software, and time online! It's FREE and SPAM-PROOF! (http://www.langa.com/newsletter.htm) or

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