Public School Repertory Company EDP 2003

JUNE 10th

4:00 PM

WNYE 91.5 FM









This semester, my sisters were attending an after school program, Teen Talk Radio, for extra English credit. One of my sisters persuaded me to attend the program as well. It really did not take too much effort to persuade me since the instructor was my English teacher, Alison Koffler, and so I came out of love for her.
When I first arrived, a group of us sat around and came up with different ideas for the next radio show. Alison jotted the ideas down on the chalk board. We basically eliminated the ones that we felt were clich´┐Ż and chose the ones we felt that people were really focused on. I chose the topic "Masculinity and Femininity." My reasoning was that I felt that it was a real controversial topic and that we would get a lot of feedback from the listeners.
We later broke into groups based on the different segments we chose to have on the show. Each group researched their topic and came up with questions pertaining to their segment. On the day of the taping, we went down to Brooklyn. On the show, we interviewed our guests, a representative from NOW, the National Organization of Women, and Denine Milner and Nick Chiles, co-authors of books on male/female relationships.
I was surprised that during the show, everyone acted all shy. It was surprising because when we were preparing the show everyone got real riled up and excited about the topic. I thought the show went well and I enjoyed working on it. I hope to participate in other Teen Talk shows in the future.


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