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Public School Repertory Company(PSRC) is located in the TOWN HALL Concert Hall in mid-town Manhattan. Students at PSRC must have an interest in and interview or audition in DANCE, MUSIC, ART, VIDEOGRAPHY or CREATIVE WRITING in order to enroll. There are 240 students representing the many diverse cultures of NYC. The entire community is committed to creating a learning environment that balances artistic and intellectual curiosity.

The Public School Repertory Company High School GOSPEL CHOIR just returned from a month long tour of Italy where they also performed for the Pope at the Vatican. This ensemble was created by Daryl Ware in 1993 and he continues as the choir director. The history of the PSRC HS Choir is studded by a long series of successes and most recently won 1st prize in the prestigious NATIONAL BLACK MUSIC CAUCUS GOSPEL CHOIR competition for 1999 and 2000. On June 18, 2000, the PSRC Choir won the McDONALD'S NATIONAL GOSPEL COMPETITION.

The repertoire of the PSRC Gospel Choir ranges from Gospel to traditional African music including Spirituals,blues and raggae. SHOW #2 by PSRC is a recollection of the trip as well as a discussion of the personal meaning of music and singing to each of these very gifted students.