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What is the Full-Time Internship Project? Full-Time Internship takes students through all aspects of professional radio production. Interns essentially become co-producers, and are responsible for all aspects of production. Student candidiates are those who have passed all of their RCT's but still need credit. Within two cycles and a mini-cycle, students can earn up to ten credits toward their high school diploma.

Teen Talk interns learn the following skills: Programming - selecting current and/or "hot" issues; Research Methods - gathering relevant background information; Interviewing Techniques - writing sharp questions, critical thinking, writing follow-up questions; On-air Hosting - articulation and language skills for professional broadcast and Editorial Techniques - the ability to analyze and express editorial commentary. Teen Talk interns also learn the technical aspects of radio production, from recording to tape editing.

Located in the WNYE-FM production facility, Teen Talk runs a full production studio where interns work in recording, tape transfer, tape editing, and post-production areas in the preparation of the master tapes for broadcast. This is a college-level skill, with which interns have earned full scholarships based on final professional broadcast portfolios (similar to an artist's portfolio). Teen Talk Interns have attended and are attending such schools as NYU, Buffalo, Plattsburg, Binghamton andNew Paltz (SUNY), Fordham, LIU, Mercy, John Jay and City College (CUNY), Wilberforce, and Howard. We are also have video production in our internship program and we produce Teen Talk TV programs for cable television. We have been aired on Manhattan Cable/Manhattan Neighborhood Network. We have just completed two pilot shows for fall broadcast on WNYE...Channel 25 in the tri-state area.


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