TEEN TALK TV : This year, as part of the Extended Day Program Grant, we are creating a Teen Talk TV series- a continuation of the programming we started last year. Our programs are broadcast the first and third Friday of every month, at 5:00pm, on Channel 25. The following is information on the first two productions:

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14TH- "CHILDREN OF WAR" a look at how war effects one's childhood- featuring survivors of the Holocaust, the Khmer Rouge, and two teen survivors of Afghanistan's Taliban regime. Panel to discuss how growing up in a war situation effected their childhood. After initial stories, panel will open up to studio audience.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 18TH- "TEENS AND LOVE- A LOOK AT RELATIONSHIPS FROM A VENUS/MARS PERSPECTIVE"- Panel to include relationship counselors Eric Legatte or "Closing the Curtain on Baby Mama Drama, and authors Nick Chiles and Denene Milner of "What Brothers Think, what Sistahs Know"- a series of relationship books. The program then focuses on a teen female and teen male panel, comprised of our students, discussing their concepts of what they want in a relationship. Counselors will focus on how to have a HEALTHY relationship with the opposite sex! Both panels will open up to studio audience.

FRIDAY, MARCH 15TH- "TEENS AND DRUGS- A REALITY STORY"- Interviews with students in rehabilitation/recovery from Daytop Village. A variety of drugs and addictions will be discussed, as well as the peer pressures that lead teens on to drug use. Panel opens up to studio audience as well.

APRIL 26TH-"TEEN MOMS/TEEN DADS"- a panel of both teen mothers and teen fathers from NYC Alternative High Schools and supporting health agencies will bring to light the realities of teen parenting from both sides of the fence---look out- there may be some "babies in the house" for this show!

MAY 17th- "RESILIENCE"- why do some teens make it while others do not? Listen to what these teens have to say about getting over crisis and moving on- from the harsh realities of homelessness to graduating valedictorian and moving on to college and a career!

AND NEW THIS YEAR WITH TEEN TALK VIDEO- "When the Smoke Clears"- a look at how New York survived 9/11- with interviews from Ground Zero, interviews with NYC Firemen, words from Muslim students at Liberty High School as well as accounts of escape from students at the High School of Economics and Finance!

In partnership with Teen Talk Radio, members of the internship program developed a video counterpart for some of our documentaries that we call Teen Talk Video. Just like the radio project, all topics are student-driven...all technical videography and editing are also done by Teen Talk interns.

Samples of some of our programs include..."Who Do You Love?" a look at love, sex and romance as seen through various ages and stages. "Who Do You Love?" starts by interviewing Kindergarten aged children, to 4th graders, to Jr. High students to High School Students to college aged students straight through to a senior citizen couple that had been married for over 50 years!

"Who's Protecting Who"- our first award winning video that highlighted the issue of police brutality in New York City as seen through an examination of the Amadou Diallo case. Interviews included students at rallies, prayer vigils outside of the Bronx Courthouse, up and coming youth of color from John Jay College studying to become police officers, African American Police officers from the Guardians, as well as an interview with mothers who lost their children due to police brutality. Winner of the 1999 PASS Award from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency.

"Family Ties"- our second award winning video looking at family dysfunction. Program includes man on the street interviews on the meaning of family, interviews with youth members of the Bruderhof Community on faith and family, youth members of Daytop Village on the role drugs in family dysfunction, Dr. Lorraine Hale of Hale House on foster care and adoption, youth residents of Green Chimneys on family dysfunction and animal assisted therapy, and a survivor of domestic violence on the cycle of family violence.

"Racism in the Millennia"- a look at how teens today view issues of race and ethnicity. New York City high school students are the center of this piece- featuring a Caucasian panel, an African American panel, a Latino panel, an Asian panel, a Jewish panel and a Palestine panel. Issues of stereotyping within each group as well as interracial tension were the featured points.


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