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Dear Parent Leaders,


Below is the Sample Letter that we Promised you.
Please Distribute to your Parents so that they could E-mail The Chancellor.
His E-mail Address is [email protected]
We will provide you with other E-mail addresses in the near future.


Glenn Carrilho



Dear Chancellor Klein:

I am the parent of __________ . My child attends ___________, a school in the Alternative Superintendency. I was very unhappy to learn that the Alternative Superintendency will be dissolving.

My child has had many successes in the school.


[Parents need to put the follwing in their own words]

-Describe how the school is different, unique, creative.

-What are the services you get as a parent that are supportive and different?

-How is the teaching and the curriculum different?

-How do the teachers support your child?

-How has this school made a difference in your child's life?

-How does the district/superintendency help to make this happen?


As a parent, I am hoping that you will reconsider your decision so that my child will continue to be supported by the Alternative Superintendency.