[ProgressiveEd] Meeting with Joel Klein and Michele Cahill

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Tue, 15 Apr 2003 11:38:54 EDT

Dear Linda,
We discussed the issue of parental choice in schools from several aspects.  
Parents talked passionately and clearly about the reasons they chose the 
schools their children are in and why they want choice to be a respected part 
of the process.  Mr. Klein and Ms. Cahill both asked about process.  What 
process do our schools use to admit children?  We talked briefly about that, 
underscoring several things:  That the process is different from school to 
school, that all of us avoid selecting children on the basis of their test 
scores (in fact, the opposite effect usually operates in our schools), and 
that central to this process is that parents see the school and acknowledge 
that this is the way they want their child to be educated.