[ProgressiveEd] Today's rally

[email protected] [email protected]
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 06:58:48 EST

I also agree with Carol and Jane. Since only parents went in (which I am fine 
with) we needed that information.  On the outside we stood around, chanted, 
chatted got to know some other folks (including parents who did not get in).  
Several people outside were concerned with the semi-confrontational situation 
with DOE security (who dress in suits) 
They were saying that there might be a time to be more aggressive, but not at 
this time while we are still in "negotiations"
The buttons Sid created are great.  Ask him if you want to sell them at your 
school. They were a nice addition.
Does anyone have Michelle Cahill's e-mail.  I think we need to give her 
details about our schools.