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Bronx Coalition Community School For Technology

1300 Boynton Avenue,
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Mission Statement

The main goal of Bronx Tech is to teach students to use their minds well in order to become prooductive adults with a commitment to their comunity. The school was designed to a caring enviroonment and varied opportunities for students to learn. Throughout the exploration of each curricula area, students woll demonstrate their ability to use good Habits of Mind. Students will be able to give evidence to support what they know, dicuss differing viewpoints, relate connections and see patterns, question the revelance of what they have learned and see alternatives that can initiate change. We endeavor to develop whithin our students life long learning skills that will support productive lives after high school.

The core curriculum at Bronx Tech is Humanities and Math/Science. The Humanities curriculum covers Native and Early American History, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, 20thCentury American and World Issues. The Mmath/Sciene curriculum covers Algebra, Geometry, Applied Mathematics, General Science, Biology and Applied Physics. Al students take course in Computer Technology , Computer Literacy, Computer Applications and Desktop Publishing. In addition students take Art, Gym and a Foreign Language.

Through cooperative learning and meaningful linkages in the curriculum, students will be able to identify and interpret the relevance of systems across the curriculum and in their lives. Through the Community Service placements, students are introduced to a rich comlement of services within their community. They perform needed tasks in non-profit agencies and are exposed to a variety of work experiences.

The Bronx Tech Community building network is further organized around Advisory. Students are placed in an inter-grade advisory system after their first year in the school. They remain in an Advisory for two years during which time the Advisor guides them through all aspects of their school life. The philosophy and culture of the school is: a community of learners who learn through cooperative work and self inquiry is introduced and practiced.We expect our students too make a commitment to the survival of the community and tooo its continued growth.