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Academic Structure

The school is divided into Beginnings, Journeys (1) and (2) and the Senior Institute. Students must complete Beginnings, Journeys (1) and (2) and successfully present (3) three portfolios to be eligible for admittance into Senior Institute.

Beginnings An introductory curriculum to secondary school which is structured around cooperative learning concepts and developing "habits of mind". Classes are interdisciplinary and all students take Math/Science, Humanities, Computers, Gym Art and a Foriegn Language. Students begin Introduction to Community Service and complete 25 service hours. Portfolios are developed throughoout the year and ae used as exit criteria to the next division.

Journeys I Students continue taking interdisciplinary classes in Humanities, which will include History, Literature, Foreign Language and Art. Math/Science will include Algebra, Geometry, Human and Animal Biology, Dissection Labs and Computer Technology. The essential questions that drive the curriculum for Journeys I are: What is a system? How do systems develop and work? How do systems impact and influence our lives? Why do we need systems? Through cooperative learniing and meaningful linkages inthe curriculum, students will be able to identify and interpret the relevance of systems across the curriculum and in their lives. Students will also be expected to complete 25 hours of Community Service through out the school year.

Journeys II In the second phase of Journeys, students begin to separate the curriculums and take classes in Literature, History, Math and Science, Art and Computer Technology.e essential question driving the curriculum for Journeys II is: How does a system impact o individuals in a community? Students will be required to develop a Post Secondary Plan. Together with a Parent/Guardian, the Advisor and student will review his/her school history and accomplishments and develop a plan for college or employment. Students will complete 50 hours of Community Service.

Upon entering the Senior Institute, students will select from either the Math/Science or History/Literature block, an area for in-depth inquiry and the development of an independent research project. Students will conduct independent research under the guidance of Senior Institute team teachers and Advisors. Courses in Math, Science, History, Literature, Study Skills, Pre-employment Skills SAT Prep, Languages, Research and relevant classes in Community Colleges will be provided.