Shortly after CAS opened its doors, the CAS Parents association (CASPA) was formed. CASPAS's main purpose has been to encourage and maintain the interest and cooperation of the parents and staff at CAS for the benefit of the students and the school. A second major purpose of CASPA has been to have regular meetings with the principal and staff for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the educational program at CAS through the School Leadership Team.
CASPA and the school staff provide an orientation to all new parents as part pf our admission process. You are also invited to attend an open school: Parent/Teacher Conferences, Parents Association and College Night meetings. CASPA officers and CAS staff are there to welcome you and answer your questions. We hope that you will attend all meetings in order to get to know us and join CASPA as an active member.
The CAS Parent Involvement Program (PIP) offers you the opportunity to participate in Parent Support Groups, Word Processing classes, and special workshops, activities and events of interest to you and your child that are consolidated throughout the year. You will receive information through our Parents Newsletter, an automated voice messaging service (Phonemaster) and select mailings.


To contact the PTA call the school: @ 212-337-6876









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