Career Education Center

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CEC's Collaborators



Career Education Center (CEC) is an alternative educational program that services homeless and/or educationally disadvantaged "at-risk" adolescents, and students awaiting foster care placement.

We offer an exceptional high school and G.E.D. curriculum, and "hands-on" vocational programs which provide a vehicle for success in the business world.

CEC maintains ongoing collaboratives with the Department of Labor, business, community-based organizations, and outside agencies. Our collaborative with Job Corps is recognized by the New York State Education Department as an outstanding, innovative educational program servicing minority, disadvantaged youngsters.

CEC continues to provide its students with various school/business opportunities. "School to Career".  Internship programs introduce students to external learning experiences, including mentoring and shadowing.

In maintaining our collaboratives with outside organizations, CEC benefits from the multifaceted services they provide, such as:


… Student mentoring programs

… Staff development training

… Development of communication skills and public speaking

… Internship programs

… On-site child care

Our Collaboratives Include:


… Publishing Companies in highly surcessful "School to Career" mentoring programs introduce students to different careers and include student internship opportunities.

New York Bar Association trains CEC students in law related curricula.

… Health Curriculum at a number of CEC sites was established in collaboration with the New York Academy or Medicine.

… American Lung Association trains staff members to conduct Asthma Awareness workshops.

… Teachers College, Columbia University College interns teach CEC students at Harvey Milk School.

… Fordham university social work interns provide clinical services to Boys' Harbor students.

… IBM Corporation management trained CEC's School Leadership Team and consultative groups

… New York Restaurant School instructs CEC students in the culinary arts.

… The LaMaMa Experimental Theatre Company and The Barrow Theater Group provide the locale for workshops in performing arts as well as student fashion, art and photo exhibitions.

… Nursing Program Interns at Veteran's Administration Hospital.