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1. Friends of Island Academy
Transitional organization that offers educational opportunities, job placement assistance, and counseling services to ex-offenders ages 16-21 coming out of the 4 schools located on Rikers Island.

Contact: Clinton Lacey, Mark Washington

Phone #: 212-760-0755


2. CUNY Catch
Located in 3 different college campuses. Provides GED classes and college preparation. Ages 17 +

Contact: Bronx ­ Elizabeth Payamps (718) 289-5852

Brooklyn- Adolph Smith (718)

Queens- Beth Barnett (718) 482-5320


3. Covenant House / Project Rise
Provides transitional housing and vocational training for youths ages 16-21 coming out of Rikers Island.

Contact: Sara Czarnecki

Phone #: 212-613-0382


4. Manhattan EOC/SUNY (Educational Opportunity Center)
Educational and vocational training for educationally and economically disadvantaged students.

Contact: Ron Pettaway

Phone #: 212-961-4400


5. E.M.C. Business Institute
Offers free computer training and job placement upon completion of course. 18-21 years

Contact: Ronald Purdue

Phone #: 212-866-25005


6. The Fortune Society
Offers all transitional services including education, career training, job placement, counseling services, drug treatment programs, etc. All ex-offenders welcome

Contact: Nancy Lopez or Renato McCray

Phone #: 212-206-7070


7. Samaritan Village
Programs and residential treatment centers for substance abusers in the 5 Boroughs and Ellenville, N.Y.

Contact: Tommy Pollazo

Phone #: 718-657-6195


8. South Forty
Provides career training and job placement for ex-offenders.

Contact: Joe Messeneo

Phone#: 212-563-2288


9. Vocational Foundation - Young Fathers Program
Provides opportunities for young fathers ages 17-21 along with counseling services.

Contact: Stacey Bethea

Phone #: 718-230-3100


10. Xincon Technology
Computer skills training, GED prep. Classes are free for 18-21 year olds

Contact: Aaron Justice

Phone#: 212-465-8833


To find out more information or more resources, please contact Amy Luna or Stacey Oliger at (718) 546-4635.