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Gen. Gregorio Lupeon


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  Parents Association  

President: Ms. Ramona Lopez

Liaison: Mr. Acosta


     The Parents Association at Gregorio Luperon High School is the prime link between the school, home, and the community. It provides the opportunity for parents to participate in the development of educational goals and the assessment of school needs. Active involvement helps keep parents informed with communication being our top priority. Parents make a difference by attending the monthly meeting, which are designed to both inform parents and receive input from them.


     The monthly meetings include an administration report, community service information and students presentation for that evening.



     The family is the primary institution of any society. In this frame a child begins her/his educative process and learns moral, spiritual and social values. Hence, in our school the family has a role in the education of its children. To accomplish this job, adult family members must be aware of the following rights and responsibilities regarding school.


1. Be treated and respected without regard to race, creed, nationality, sex, age or social position.


2. Form a parents organization that takes an active part in the organization, management and administration of their children's school.


3. Visit the school and their child's classroom as often as they feel necessary.


4. Read, comment on and correct any false information in their child's school record, following procedures established by local, state and federal regulations.

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