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Gen. Gregorio Lupeon


Be an active voice of the student body
  Student Organizations & VTEA Program  

The Student Government and Council

     These are two organizations which work together at all times. The advisor of both clubs is Adan Vasquez who is also the Coordinator of Student Affairs (COSA). The students in these organizations must take the Leadership Class, offered as an elective in our school.


-Student Government

     At Gregorio Luperon  High School (GLHS) , the Student Government is composed of two representatives from each official class. In addition to representing students in their classrooms, these students also promote, organize, supervise and administer a variety of co-curricular activities throughout the year to promote school spirit.


-Student Council

      The Student Council is composed of 32 Student Government Members, elected by the Student Government. These students, together with the COSA, meet once a month with the administration to learn more about the school, share concerns, and provide suggestions on ways to make GLHS a better school for the students, staff and parents. The principal depends on these students. They ensure that the administration knows that students are an important part of the school community and that their input is essential.


Vocational Technology Educational Act (VTEA)


     Our students at Gregorio Luperon High School have the opportunity to work with the computer  teacher under the program Vocational Technology Educational Act (VTEA) involving a cooperative learning approach to learning computers and Web Site Design.  We decided to teach Microsoft Word and design a web page for our school. In this project  the students update the web page and reproduce  articles for the school newsletter. The VTEA PROGRAM  want the students to learn with each other. We use resources like, books, computers, Internet and the teacher as a last resort. We really wanted them to use the Help Files as much as possible, and to figure out what to do on their own. Our intention here is not necessarily to have the students become experts at using Microsoft Word and Web Page Designer, but for them to become better, more independent learners





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