The priority for any partnership at Hostos is enriching the students� lives

by providing a broad-based education




Starting with the initial meeting for the Bridge Program in the summer, parents are involved as part of the education process.  Parents are informed of expectations and requirements along with the students.  An important part of the summer program is taking trips to museums, theatres, and other sites around the city (which have included South Street Seaport, Lincoln Center, the Bronx Zoo and Circle Line Cruise).  This is an opportunity for cultural enrichment, as well as a chance for the students to learn about appropriate behavior in various settings.

The partnership with BHAG helped the students learn how to interact with a variety of people, enabled them to learn about various careers and colleges by going on site trips, helped them improve their performance on the SATs as a result of the free Kaplan classes, and helped them learn the importance of giving back to the community by the example of the mentors as well as the students� participation in community service projects. 


The Liberty Partnership and College Now programs from City University of New York enable students to participate in stained glass classes, SAT Prep classes, computer classes, and writing workshops, as well as go on trips to museums and work with artists in residence such as Crash.  Liberty Partnership also takes students on trips to visit colleges and provides them with tutoring jobs after school during the year, as well as summer jobs.  This year students assigned to their summer youth program worked as mentors for our bridge program.  The dean of the school coordinates with these agencies to develop classes.  Currently College Now is working with the journalism teacher to develop a prototype after school class to help students improve the reading and writing skills necessary for performance on the ELA Regents and proficiency exams.  Two additional teachers and one professor from the college will work together on this project.  These collaborations help the school by providing jobs for students, additional jobs for teachers, and an opportunity for students to improve their skills and have enriching experiences.  The organizations often use our school as a model for success.

The partnership with Schwab has helped the students better understand the stock market and other aspects of economics.  It also gave them an opportunity to practice interviewing skills.  The students also profit by having additional positive role models in their lives.  The mentors have the opportunity to see positive images of young people and to fulfill their goals of being able to help others after having achieved success.






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