Program Descriptions






Today�s society is changing rapidly, in both technological and social aspects.  In terms of the health care industry, there has been a shift in orientation regarding the delivery of health services in this nation.  More and more people are actively assuming responsibility for their own health, new technology has assumed a larger role in the industry, and a grater percentage of health care resources will be required for the car of chronic and long-term illness.

As a result of this shift in health care delivery systems and the recommendations of the Health Occupation Educating featuring committee, the Statewide Health Occupations Education program structure has been organized into modules if instruction which will prepare students with the broad, transferable skills required by a variety of health care jobs, both now and in the immediate future.  The curriculum in each module has been developed to permit rapid and effective updating as it becomes necessary due to technological changes.

The Health Occupations Educations Core is the foundation courses for each of the specialized programs.  The knowledge and competencies in the core are considered common to all job titles in the Health Occupations field.  These skills have also been identified as useful in many health care professions, thus faciliting cross training or retraining.  The core offers options to students by allowing them to explore a variety of jobs within the health care industry before choosing a specialized program of study.