love poetry page


Poetry often deals with the theme of love. There are as many attitudes as styles. In the 3 poems given, "Your Letter Does Not Move Me" by Heinrich Heine, "Oh Mistress Mine" by William Shakespeare, and "One Perfect Rose" by Dorothy Parker,you will note a variety of responses.

1. Read each poem to yourself.

2. Answer these questions for each poem:

a) Who is the speaker?

b) What is the mood of each poem? What does the speaker feel?

c) What does the speaker want?

d) What message does the poem give about male/female relations?

e) What comments, questions do you have? Do you think this has the qualities of a great poem? What poetic devices do you notice? (e.g., alliteration, metaphor, simile, irony, rhyme, repetition´┐Ż)

3.Write your own poem:

Choose one poem as your model and write a poem.

Your Letter Does Not Move Me

Imagine a person you are romantically involved with. Now, also imagine them telling you their feelings have changed. Do you believe them? What would make you realize it can't be so?

One Perfect Rose

Think about a classically romantic image. Does this image really represent what you want? How is it different? How would you state your complaint?

Oh Mistress Mine

Use vocabulary from Romeo and Juliet and this poem to construct your own Elizabethan poem. What message would you want to give to your sweetheart about love?


Choose someone in the class to send your poetic message to. You may keep it anonymous or sign it. Also, feel free to send poetry to the person of your choice in the hallway. Poetry is designed to move the emotions of others. Try it!