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Web Design Projects
Updating by Students of Web Design Class

 By YuNa Li
Nov. 5th, 2000

Web Design Projects provides an opportunity for students to improve their web design skills.

Social History Project Class
Preparing Research Papers

 By Terry Liang
April 6th, 2000

This week, students in Social History Project class start to prepare research papers.

Personal Statement
 By PingPing Zhang
December 8th, 2000

To live in the United States is difficult for the Chinese immigrants. To go to school and learn English was a new challenge to me.

The Fathers
 By YuNa Li
Nov. 4th, 2000

The love between parents and children is wonderful and perticular.

  • ABC's 0f the Writing Process
  • Reading and Writing Exercises(Paradigm)
  • Writing Process
  • Reading and Writing at Home Improves Skills
  • WriteNet
  • Writing English as a Second Language

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