Arturo Schomburg Satellite Academy

1. In order for a student to apply to Satellite the student has to call and make an appointment.

2. At the scheduled appointment, the student will be given a 45-minute presentation about the school. At the end of the presentation, the student will complete the application and be given an appointment to return it.

3. The student will be given a date to bring back the application and at that point the student will be given a date to take the placement exam. Once the student returns for his/her placement exams he/she must have all of the required documents in order to be tested. No student will be allowed to take the placement exam without the required documents.

4. On the date of the exam the student must bring the following documents:
• copy of transcript
• two (2) copies of immunization records
• two (2) copies of social security card
• two (2) copies of birth certificate
• two (2) copies of proof of address (copy of lease or utility bill)
• a 100 word essay describing the reasons why the student wants to come to Satellite and what the student's goals are after graduation.

5. Once the placement exam is completed, the student will be given an interview.

Note: The placement exam is a basic reading, writing, and math exam given to determine on what skills level the student is working. If the student's overall average is above 7.0 he/she will then be given an interview. If the student's overall average is below 7.0 he/she will be referred to the James Baldwin Literacy Program which is located in the same building as our school. The interview will be conducted by a Satellite staff member and a current Satellite student.

Note: The interview will last no longer then 20 minutes. It will consist of questions about such things as the student's previous attendance records, attitude towards school, why the student has chosen Satellite.

6. If the student has successfully completes the interview process he/she will be required to bring in their Parent/Guardian to attend a Parent Orientation (no student will be considered accepted until a Parent or Guardian accompanies the student). The Parent Orientation is geared to meet the Satellite Staff and give the student the opportunity to become familiarized with our educational program and policies.

7. During this process the student will meet with his/her advisor and design their educational plan and register for the first semester classes.

8. Students will also participate in a hands-on orientation which will allow them the opportunity to work with their advisors and meet the entire school body through icebreakers, activities and games.

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