General Admissions

Though each site has a somewhat different program, the guiding principle of Satellite Academy is that all students can succeed and have the right to do so in an environment which is respectful, safe, personalized, and academically challenging. We are committed to providing a caring community where our students can grow and face the challenges of the transition to adulthood and full citizenship. Each site works with new students to help them adjust to the demands of a Satellite education and to develop the habit they will need to reply on to succeed in school.

"Equally important as academic goals at this school are, the habits of respect, tolerance, support and responsibility, honesty and trust."
(Performance: Progress report from the Coalition of Essential Schools, June 1995)

What do our sites have in common?
Advisor Groups
Additionally, from the day they enter our program until graduation, every student at each site is part of an advisor group which meets a few hours each week. In this small group students have an opportunity to discuss and share school work, problems that interfere with academic success, and issues of common concern to the school community.

New Student Programs
We offer students new to Satellite a special semester-long program to help them become motivated, independent, lifelong learners. This program includes smaller classes, community building an emphasis on developing positive learning habits, conflict resolution, an advisor group providing academic and personal support, and a clear connection between school subjects and life outside of high school.

Learning at Satellite
At all site students progress towards graduation through projects based and portfolio learning. Portfolios are presented to panel of students, teachers, parents and visitors.

"Satellite Academy has proven to be one of the New York's most durable and effective alternative schools. It is small and collaboratively managed; its educational philosophy is the umbrella that unifies its goals and methods; and its strong academic programs was developed out of a partnership among staff, students and extended educational community."
(The Good Schools Exchange: Restructuring Manual 1994 Public Education Association)

Community Expectations
At Satellite, we believe that an effective learning environment is one that is safe, respectful and enthusiastic. We hold the Satellite community to the high, but reasonable, expectations of coming to school prepared to work, to question, and to learn, and of participating and contributing to the school community in a mature, respectful, manner.

Admission: Who Comes to Satellite and How to Apply
Students choose to come to Satellite and any New York City high school students may apply. Generally our students have attended another New York City high school and have decided, for one reason or another, to continue their education at a smaller school where they can receive individual attention. Most of our students are at least 16 years old when they apply, often they are 17, sometimes 18. The admission procedure includes an application, an interactive visit to the school, an interview, and parents or guardian involvement. We expect that a student will stay for at least two years, depending on their learning and graduation needs.

Please Note: Satellite Academy High School has four sites. Each site conducts its own admissions process. Applications at all sites must apply in person and a student must be interviewed by the site prior to being accepted for admission.

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