Satellite Academy is dedicated to providing students who have opted out of larger, traditional high schools an opportunity to complete their education in a smaller, student centered learning community. Our mission has always been to help students overcome their negative feelings about school, improve their attendance, become active learners and graduate with full capability for future success. Our objective is to help our students grow academically and emotionally by teaching them to develop successful strategies for meeting all challenges. We expect our students to be dedicated student-citizens of Satellite Academy. These include the rigors of being cooperative members of our learning community as well as successful in the world beyond school.

Our consistent goal for academic growth is to maximize our instructional capabilities so that students who have not been successful in their prior school experiences can gain the skills and habits that will lead to lifelong achievement. We believe that all students should have a rigorous and engaging curriculum. Skill and knowledge acquisition are introduced from the very beginning in new student orientation classes. We believe that people learn best by using new skills and knowledge by making connections between what they learn and authentically demonstrating their growth. We design course work to be interdisciplinary and project based. Students graduate through earned academic credits, successful completion of learning portfolios and passing exams.

Satellite Academy is committed to preparing our students to be responsible, caring and ethical young adults, as well as caring and supportive family members. Because our students have generally come to us from schools where they felt that they were not given individual and caring attention, all students are in advisor classes, (family group), which provide academic and personal support. We believe that school should be a safe environment that practices the skill of conflict resolution. We also provide accessible social work and counseling opportunities for all students. We are committed to preparing our students to be prepared for college and meaningful post-secondary choices through on-site college advisement. We hope students, parents and guardians will find that Satellite Academy is a school where growth and effort lead to success.