Music at

The Brooklyn International High School


Welcome to the Music Front Page.

Here you'll be able to link to information about the different parts of the Music program. You'll also be able to link to information about other Performing Arts programs at the school.

Eventually you'll be able to read your homework assignments here as well. If you're not a student this will not interest you.

What will interest you is being able to listen to recordings made by students. And watch movies made by students. (Eventually).

You will also be able to link to pages that show examples of student Portfolio work.

And look at photos taken at the school's Annual International Festival.

And a whole lot of other stuff as well. This website will try to maintain the sense of ever expanding-possibility and improvisational experimentalism that is so important to the arts. Which is another way of saying, be patient, go with the flow.

Oh, and don't worry about all the pixels in the graphic on this page. As soon as I can find the original artwork I can scan it and replace the above with a better quality image. See what I mean about the flow.

Music pages (and movies) by Chris Wilson, July 2002.