Being Ready To Learn: National Educational Goal #1
  School age youth are either kids who just come to school to hang out or they are "students" who are ready to learn. Students have:
1. tools( pens, pencils, paper, etc.) to work with
2. A positive attitude towards learning
3. Listening skills and an interest in class participation so that the teacher knows that the students understands.
4. A knowledge of new educational performance standards and other educational expectations
5. An interest interest in learning to be a student trained for life, the workforce, career development, citizenship, and leadership.
Using Common Sense-"Knowing the right thing to do from home to school, to work, to life is part of being a grown up"
Common sense is the "shared knowledge" that society assumes that all gets from their homes while growing up.
  1. It is knowing how to act decent in private and in public situations
2. It is the ability to choose right from wrong.
3. It is showing proper respect for yourself, family, elders, educators, and others who wish to offer you assistance.
4. It is understanding that society expects every able bodied person to be decent, self-reliant, and in asset to the community and nation to make one's family proud.
Maintain Your Power
  The essence of a human being's power is self control. If you do not guard it, you will easily be lead into mischief, trouble, danger, or worse. That is like allowing someone or circumstance to override your better judgment and assume power or control over you.
Knowing yourself and managing your freedom to choose excellence and the highest good is the goal. Mature people want to experience the best that life has to offer.

© Student Empowerment Program:A Behavioral Approach to Learning, 2000



Spring Recess: March 25-April 8, 2002

April 8: Math, Science, English, Social Studies assignments due.