Students in our literacy-based and technology integrated program enjoy core academic requirements in math taught by Derek Phillips, science taught by Rayhan Ahmed, English language arts and the Humanities taught by Ivonne Wilson and are uniquely promoted two times per year (Feb. or June) once they have met promotion guidelines which required the student to repeat the grade.

Other curriculum includes: art taught by Edward Lowrence and a health and nutrition push in course, team taught with our science teacher and the onsite Montefiore Health & Family Clinic staff members Dan _________ (psychologist) and Dr. Meg ________(site physician)

Students enrolled in this unique program are part of a unique multiple sited program called the Eight Plus Learning Academies under the supervision of the Alternative Education High School Superintendency or District # 79 headquartered in Long Island City, NY. Our superintendent is Mr. Richard Organisciak. Our city-wide principal is Bill Stroud. Our city-wide Assistant principal is Harriet Gribben. Our Academy guidance counselor is Yvonne McBurney and attendance teacher is Eli Mallon. Our invaluable and supportive para-professionals include: Deborah Boyce (School Secretary), Marisol Molina (Senior School Aid) and Dionne Hendricks (Family Para). Our technical staff is Dwayne Williams Information Technology Liasion and Ted Nellen Cyberlibrarian.



Spring Recess: March 25-April 8, 2002

April 8: Math, Science, English, Social Studies assignments due.